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Tailoring, custom and made-to-measure clothing

There are great clothing pieces that can be found off the rack, but nothing matters as much as how those pieces fit. No two bodies are the same, and a well-tailored suit or sport coat can mean the difference between good enough and exceptional, providing a custom fit that will have you feeling as great on the inside as you look on the outside. For a truly personalized fit and feel, commissioning custom clothing and made-to-measure pieces are excellent investments that, when sourced and fit properly, can offer the same value as off the rack selections. Additionally, you have a much deeper and wider selection of fabrics, styles, fits and finishes to choose from, ensuring your wardrobe will always have you feeling amazing while exuding class and confidence. When you’re ready to elevate your clothing, come to beecroft & bull – the best in the business for more than 60 years.

Why b&b PL?

So… Why consider the "beecroft & bull” Private Collection along with  internationally recognized brands? "Time on the job" isn’t a pendulum swinger, but as a Virginia icon 63 years young, it doesn’t hurt…nor does being a fixture on Esquire Magazine’s “Best Men’s Stores in the Country” list since  it was created. Our slogan “Dress Better Than You Have To” has (slogan, motto, tag line or something else?) often been hijacked, mostly with our blessing.  


The real reason is what we choose to carry our label. Whether it be denim, 5 pockets & shirtings sourced from Italy, T shirt designs from the artist (and my son), Schuyler Beecroft, or locally chain stitched denim jackets & trucker caps, we offer cool stuff you can't find anywhere else online! 

These carefully curated goods are representative of our style, taste,  research & not least of all, our sense of humor. This collection is in its infancy & will be added to organically as our inspiration dictates. Just like Life Cereal…"Try us, you’ll like us!"  

-Craig Beecroft

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