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beecroft in tune

"Just keep truckin' on..."

"Sometime’s the lights all shining’ on me… 
Other times, I can barely see." 

Robert Hunter’s words have been overplayed over the years, 
so much that even non Deadheads know the lyrics of Truckin’ by heart.  
They have special meaning this fall as we look back and the last one,  
when we were all stumbling about trying to find our footing in the dark. 

beecroft & bull has stormed back with purpose, 
and we thank our loyal friends and new ones for helping us through  
to the other side. 

A word about THREDZ 

A lot of folks had it much worse than me during all this,  
but I’m a firm believer in “Retail Therapy” - it’s one of the reasons we exist! 
My father and brother both passed inside of a year, and I’ve been preserving  
memories like a madman. The THREDZ plate was on my folk’s Chevy,  
and has been on a beecroft & bull company vehicle for decades.  

When I discovered this ’71 Chevy Cheyenne in mint condition,  
I was smitten, and it wasn’t long before I claimed it as the newest member  
of our fleet. THREDZ lives, and you can see her featured in our  
Fall ’21 photo shoot and upcoming magazine. 

 - Craig Beecroft