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In 1958, Moss & Frances Beecroft carried out a simple dream to bring the “Ivy League” style made famous by the best stores in the northeast down to their hometown of Newport News, Va. With the addition of their own flair and inherent  good taste, their dream became a flourishing business, and the beecroft & bull brand was born.      

We have always prided ourselves on the quality of our “brick and mortar” experience - there is no substitute for seeing and feeling the collections we have curated from around the world, or for the one-on-one consultation with members of our three teams - but it became abundantly clear that offering an alternative to our well established “normal” was necessary to serve some of our current clients as well as to expand our audience. 

E-commerce is a new venture for us, one we are committed to getting right, and we have a lot to learn.  To those who prefer this method of interaction, we hope you enjoy this experience and welcome your feedback.  But don’t hesitate to visit us in person if you’re in the neighborhood.

Thank you,
Craig Beecroft, Owner     

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