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The Relwen brand was born in 2007, the product of an American working heritage.

Heavily influenced by the fields and farms and great lakes of Ohio and Michigan that we were fortunate enough to grow up around, they remain loyal and based here in Ohio.

One of Relwen's first garments was the Military Parka. Exhaustive detailing went into this piece (and every piece thereafter) to make sure every element provided a sense of heritage and purpose that was straightforward.  Their ultimate aim always being to produce function and a quality of character that will serve for years of wear.

And what about that bird? Relwen's icon, the barn swallow, serves to remind them of their agrarian roots. This swift and highly adaptable bird closely cohabitates with them, nesting in man-made structures and feasting on insects detrimental to crops. Longevity of its nests are legendary, one was reported to have been occupied for forty-eight years.

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