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Maurizio Baldassari

Maurizio Baldassari

Maurizio Baldassari’s childhood memories were the bombings, food shortage, American tanks in his beloved Lerici and its rebirth into the slow and quiet rhythm of a seaside village.  The daily life with the people of a small village where all know each other, the passion for Nature and the unique quality and taste of its products thanks to the local climate all contributed to the development of his open character and of an extraordinary sensitivity towards beauty and uniqueness.

Today, after almost 50 years, the adventure continues along the original inspiring principles. Maurizio’s sons Renato and Roberto have joined the firm and are contributing with their know-how and solid professional skills in keeping the Maurizio Baldassari brand a true Italian family concern.  They can both be found in the Brera showroom, the family haunt where one can breathe the air of the small village where quality and taste are indissoluble and intertwined with the Maurizio Baldassari collections.


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